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Accessibility at the museum


Konstmuseet i Norr is a museum for everyone. We are constantly working to improve the accessibility of our exhibitions, public programmes and premises. Here you will find information about accessibility at the museum.

Planning your visit

Bus stop

During weekdays you can take bus route Lila in the direction Hagelstigen. Visit Kiruna Lokaltrafik for timetable: > Travel by bus


Free parking is available near Kristallen. Due to construction of the new city hall square, parking may move. Parking signs on site will guide you.

For visitors with disabled parking permits, there are accessible parking spaces directly in front of Kristallen’s entrance.

Mobility service

Mobility service can drive all the way up to the entrance of Kristallen. The surrounding area is evenly paved, making access easier for visitors with wheelchairs and walkers.

Cloakroom and lockers

On the ground floor is an unattended cloakroom where you can hang your coat. You will find the cloakroom and lockers to the right of the stairs and service lift.


There are specified areas for parking strollers, wheelchairs etc. in the foyer. Large bags are not permitted in the exhibition spaces. Free storage lockers in two different sizes are located in the cloakroom.


Admission is always free for carers.

Toilets and changing tables

There are several toilets on the ground floor, including a large accessible toilet for wheelchairs and walkers. There are baby changing facilities in the accessible toilet. The ground-floor toilets are located on the sides of the big staircase. More toilets are located in Kristallen’s stairwell.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks are not permitted inside the exhibition spaces.


Wheelchairs are available upon request at Kristallen’s information desk.


In Kristallen, visitors can access the wireless network KirunaWifiPublic, which does not require any log-in.

Getting around inside the museum


All doors have automatic door openers.


There are three lifts in Kristallen. The large lift to the right of the big stairway in the foyer brings you up to the fifth floor. The lift doors open automatically.

In addition, there are two smaller lifts – one directly to the right when you enter the foyer, and one just past Lämmeln restaurant. These only go up to the third floor. All lifts have automatic door openers. The dimensions of the small lifts are 190 x 210 cm.

Stairs and thresholds

All of the museum’s premises are accessible via stairs or lifts. Stairs are fitted with railings and contrasting markings. There are no thresholds in any of the museum’s premises.


You will find benches in Kristallen’s foyer.


Our staff speak Swedish, Finnish and English. Information material such as exhibition catalogs and this website are available in Swedish and English.


Smells and dust

There are no allergenic plants in the museum and all toilets have unscented soap. Dust and strong smells may occur when we build exhibitions. Exhibition spaces are closed during construction and are thoroughly cleaned prior to opening. If you have any concerns, please contact us before your visit.


Guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome at the museum. Other pets are not permitted.


Smoking is only permitted outside to the right of Kristallen’s main entrance.

If you have any questions or comments, you are always welcome to contact us at info(at)