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Kiruna is currently undergoing the most extensive urban regeneration in Sweden. The city center will be moved three kilometers northeast due to mining. Several important locations will disappear, or their functions will. Cultural heritage sites will be torn down or transported to different locations and a third of Kiruna residents will have to move. The exhibition Kiruna Forever explores this urban regeneration through works by architects, city planners and artists from Norrbotten, Sápmi, Scandinavia and other parts of the world.

The first part of the exhibition will show five contemporary works of art created especially for the exhibition and which will also be on display at Konstmuseet i Norr and at ArkDes, Sweden’s National Centre for Architecture and Design in Stockholm. The second part of the exhibition will be dedicated to the history of Kiruna, the visions of the future which were never to be, and memories and dreams from Kiruna residents.

The five contemporary pieces have been created by:

  • Iwan Baan, Anne Dessing and Michiel van Iersel
  • Joar Nango
  • New Mineral Collective – Emilija Škarnulyté, Tanya Busse
  • Territorial Agency – Ann-Sofi Rönnskog, John Palmesino
  • Anja Örn, Tomas Örn and Fanny Carinasdotter

The exhibition is a joint production of ArkDes and Konstmuseet i Norr.

Dates: To be confirmed.

For additional information, please contact:
Victoria Harnesk, Project Manager
Tel: +46 70 223 56 10                                                                          
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