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Video series: The collection project – Assembling the artwork "Essence" by Pilar de Burgos

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Why do museums collect and what does the art collection at Konstmuseet i Norr consist of? To provide an insight into the collection work, which includes many different processes and people, we have produced a series of videos that look behind the scenes at the work with our growing collection of contemporary art at Konstmuseet i Norr.

Join the artist Pilar de Burgos in the assembling of her work “Essence”. The work is part of the museum’s collection. Documentation of the artworks in the collection is done through interviews with artists, but also through physical documentation. When new art is incorporated into a museum collection, documentation is made based on the physical aspects of the work, its condition and dimensions.

“Essence” consists of shards of a mirror that are placed in a pile, together with a vinyl text that is placed on the wall. As it is a work that consists of so many different small parts, we have documented the process when it is installed, so that also future displays can be done in line with the artist’s vision and intention.