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Remnants - Building a Valuable Art Collection


Discussion between Carola Grahn (SÁPMI/SWE) and Nils-Johan Labba (SÁPMI/SWE)

Grahn’s work Markerna is the first work to be bought into Konstmuseet i Norr’s collection. The work consists of a speech, and a version of a Sámi skáhppu*, which is a collaboration between Grahn and duodji master* Nils-Johan Labba who lives and works in Kiruna. They will together discuss the working process and the meaning of the work from different perspectives. Does art have the capacity to influence the way that history is written and the lives of future generations?  

The discussion will be led in Swedish by Maria Ragnestam, Artistic Director and Curator of Transitions, Konstmuseet i Norr.

*A skáhppu is a traditional Sámi box often made of wood and decorated with reindeer horn. A duodji master is a professional Sami craftsman with a master’s diploma.