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Open tour

Gerd Aurell och Helena Laukkanen, Göken gol från varje väderstreck, 2019 © Aurell, Laukkanen. Photo: Daniel Stålnacke

What do we find aesthetically pleasing, and who has the right to make judgments of quality? En Vacker Utställning challenges you to confront your own values and prejudices. 

Find out more about contemporary art, the works in the exhibition En Vacker Utställning and the artists that created them. On Saturdays and Sundays you have the opportunity to participate in an open tour where one of our knowledgeable hosts will guide you around the exhibition.

Open tours take approximately 45 minutes, are free of charge and there’s no need to book in advanced. Places are limited, so make sure you come in time to secure your place!