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Övergångar: Follow the orb release online


On Saturday, May 2, at 14.00 in Laxforsen, the red orb will be released again in the Torne River. A new journey begins! The public event is cancelled but we invite you to follow the event online.

Due to the current restrictions on social gatherings, the release of the red orb will not be accompanied by a public event. Instead, the technical start of the project will be live-streamed on the Konstmuseet i Norr’s social media channels.

The orb will be released on the ice or in flowing water, depending on how far spring has advanced. It will be possible to follow the orb's journey physically in the landscape, and digitally on the museum's website, through a GPS that transmits the route south through a satellite at the North Pole.

You can become a part of the project by sharing your photos in social media using the hashtags #älvklotet #konstmuseetinorr