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Closed due to the coronavirus


The Konstmuseet i Norr is closed until further notice to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus among visitors and staff, as well as within the municipal administration that operates in the same building.

The Konstmuseet i Norr has decided to close the museum from Tuesday 17 March and end the ongoing exhibition with reference to the fact that the museum is a tourist activity that shares facilities with the Kiruna municipal administration. Although people do not meet closely at the museum, the closure is a safety measure to reduce the risk of the coronavirus spreading among the municipality's employees, which could affect the muncipality's functions. The temporary closure also affects artists and other visitors to the museum's management.

“It is important for the Konstmuseet i Norr to protect our artists, collaborators and employees as well as the municipality's employees, and to ensure continuity of our operations. We want to minimise the risk of transmitting the coronavirus,” said Museum Director Selma Green.

During the period when the museum is closed, the Konstmuseet i Norr will continue the production of upcoming exhibitions and expand its presence on the museum's digital platforms. The date for the reopening of the museum will be determined by future recommendations from the authorities.

Update: Preliminary date for the reopening of the museum is 15 August, 2020.


Axel Malmström, Co-ordinator
+46 70 269 52 20