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Artscape 2022 Kiruna


Kiruna’s town centre is on the move and Artscape are highlighting local memories and stories to make them live forever as murals.

Kiruna is relocating its entire central district due to expanding mining operations. As the locals prepare to say goodbye to an area that’s been downtown for more than a 100 years, Artscape is preparing a mural project based on the people of Kiruna’s collective memory.

Through interviews with local people, hundreds of stories and anecdotes have been gathered. A selection will feature in a book of memories, and from those pages the chosen artists will find their inspiration for six new large-scale murals that will adorn Kiruna from August and onwards.

The participating street artists are internationally renowned and chosen specifically to work with the sensitive nature of the project – Kiruna is experiencing a very dramatic transformation. But within the retrospective grows a new beginning and ARTSCAPE 2022 KIRUNA is all about looking lovingly in both directions. Let’s celebrate the new Kiruna!


Vickan (SWE)

Location: Högalidsskolan (Matojärvigatan 25)

Victoria Sundqvist, a.k.a. Vickan, is based in Stockholm but has her roots in the northernmost parts of Sweden. Her art playfully depicts flora and fauna with amusing surrealist elements. The mural is a collaboration with the pupils at Högalidsskolan.

Isakov (DEU/UKR)

Location: Sporthallen (Adolf Hedinsvägen 37)

The German-Ukrainian artist Isakov skillfully makes the absolute most of a wall. His style is continuously on the move, and with graphic elements and patterns inspired by architecture, he provides buildings with completely new features.

Roberto Ciredz (ITA)

Location: Skyttegatan 18A

The geometrical balance in Italian Roberto Ciredz’ art gives a whole new sense to landscape paintings. The depths and effects in his work creates new, truly unique attributes to urban walls.

Gleo (COL)

Location: Skyttegatan 18B

Colombian Gleo is one of Latin America’s most eminent mural artists. Her imaginative paintings are often connected to legends and folklore, which takes form in vibrant colours.

Kruella d’Enfer (PRT)

Location: Triangelskolan (Thulegatan 16)

Magin och mystiken är ofta närvarande i portugisiska Kruellas konst. Med drömlika motiv och färgkombinationer öppnar hennes verk dörrar till andra världar.

Andreas Welin (DK)

Location: Ripvägen 14

Andreas Welin has made an artistic impact on cities like New York, London, Toronto, Berlin Lisbon and Copenhagen, where he is based. His art is a meeting between portraits of the contemporary human and a dream-like colour palette.


On Saturday August 20, a street art festival will take place in Kiruna with a workshop for people aged 16–25.

The event is a collaboration between Artscape and Konstmuseet i Norr and is carried out with the support of LKAB and Allmänna Arvsfonden. More information is available here.


The nonprofit organisation Artscape was born in Malmö in 2014 and is Scandinavia's leading player in urban contemporary art. Artscape wants to inspire people and promote public art for all. The organisation is constantly working on new exciting projects that will explore the possibilities of street art in the modern urban environment. Artscape is about social sustainability, equality and cultural diversity. And of course great art!