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The exhibition uses sculptures and artwork by 18 contemporary artists, showcasing art from the Arctic of the Northern Hemisphere. The artwork has mainly been selected from the Canadian Arctic and shows our unified love and concern for the future and for our nature. The works are a reminder to stop and think for a moment. In the contemporary Inuit artwork, traditions and knowledge spanning millennia are linked to modern technology and forms of expression.

The exhibition features artwork from the Swiss Cerny Inuit Collection, with works from 1973–2015. The Cerny Inuit Collection is one of the world’s largest collections of Inuit art, containing more than 1,000 items. The collection was founded by Martha Cerny in the 1990s, when it was made up of artwork from the Canadian Arctic which had been imported to Europe in the 1970s; artwork reflecting the traditional lives of the Inuit. Since then, the collection has been expanded to include artwork from other Arctic regions, making it both comprehensive and unique.
Dates: April 23 – August 30, 2020
The exhibition centers around works from the Cerny Inuit Collection, one of the world’s foremost collections of contemporary Inuit art. Read more here:
Interviews and guided tours with Martha Cerny will be available. Please contact us for bookings.
For additional information, please contact:
Selma Green, Art Museum Director
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