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Press release 22.10.11: Voices from the Arctic at Konstmuseet i Norr


Contemporary Inuit art offers new perspectives on the impact of climate change in the exhibition Voices from the Arctic, which opens at Konstmuseet i Norr, Norrbotten County Art Museum on 7 October.

The exhibition includes 20 artists, mainly from Arctic Canada but also from Greenland. Theirs culptures and artwork reflect the unique living conditions in the Arctic. These works of art, created between 1961 and 2020, with an emphasis on the 21st century, express a shared concern about the ongoing changes in climate and the environment. Through thought-provoking depictions and a holistic perspective, artists highlight how our actions today will have consequences for future generations.

These artworks are part of the Swiss Museum Cerny, one of the world’s largest collections of Inuitart, founded by Peter and Martha Cerny in the 1990s. Initially, the collection consisted only of art from Arctic Canada, but it now includes works from other Arctic regions, making the collection both extensive and unique — as well as culturally relevant to Norrbotten’s county art museum whose catchment area includes Arctic indigenous peoples in the Barents Region.

Voices from the Arctic depicts the perspectives of a world that is rarely given a voice and gives the public insight into a culture that has valuable knowledge. The focus here is on the common global challenges we all face,” says Martha Cerny, Museum Director at Museum Cerny in Bern and curator of the exhibition.

In contemporary Inuit art, traditions and knowledge spanning thousands of years are linked to modern technology and contemporary forms of expression. Materials such as stone and bones, as well as themes from Inuit mythology and oral tradition are used to reflect on our modern age.

“The challenges of the Arctic are not unfamiliar to any of us, as we are also confronted with these challenges in our own environment. Climate change knows no boundaries. It is our honour to now share this acclaimed exhibition in its expanded form with the Norrbotten public, both at the art museum in Kristallen, and through a digital, augmented exhibition that offers a more in-depth study,”adds the exhibition’s co-curator and County Art Museum Director, Selma Green.


Selma Green
County Art Museum Director
+46 73 025 67 08