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PRESS RELEASE 20.05.20: Kiruna Forever opens in new premises, Röster från Arktis is cancelled, and En Vacker Utställning goes digital


The Kiruna Forever exhibition will be on display in Kristallen, Kiruna, as soon as Konstmuseet i Norr, Norrbotten's County Art Museum, opens up to visitors again. The Röster från Arktis exhibition, however, has been cancelled. Those who missed En Vacker Utställning can now enjoy it on a digital tour.

Together with ArkDes, Sweden's National Centre for Architecture and Design in Stockholm, Konstmuseet i Norr has commissioned five new artistic works focusing on Kiruna’s change. These pieces will be presented simultaneously in Stockholm and in Kiruna during the exhibition period. Due to a leaky roof at Konstmuseet i Norr, which is housed in the new city hall Kristallen in Kiruna, Kiruna Forever will be moved down to floors two and three. The roof is currently under renovation. All in all, the renovation work will result in major replanning for the art museum. At present, intensive efforts are in progress to get the new exhibition in place.

The Röster från Arktis (Voices from the Arctic) exhibition has previously been postponed. But along with the exhibition owners, Museum Cerny Inuit Collection, the art museum has now decided to cancel it. The decision is made for several reasons; partly the lack of premises, as only half of the rooms are available during the renovation, and partly the limited exhibit export licences. The fact that Museum Cerny Inuit Collection has other exhibitions planned, where many of the works are to be shown, also constitutes an obstacle to further postponement. There is, unfortunately, no other option than to cancel Röster från Arktis.

“This is obviously a disappointment. Our collaboration has been very pleasant and although the project has come to an unfortunate end, we see it as the beginning of a long-term collaboration with a possible future exhibit exchange. The common denominator, of course, is the focus on indigenous art, the exhibition curator,” Martha Cerny, says.

The recently dismantled exhibition En Vacker Utställning (A Beautiful Exhibition) has also been affected. For those who didn't get to view the exhibition, or who wish to see it again, a digital tour will be released this week. The tour is in English with Swedish subtitles.

While the museum is waiting to open, the ambition is to post as much of the activities as possible on the website and in social media.

“Just like other museums and cultural institutions, we have had to take a different approach this spring, but expanding our digital activities is something we will continue to do even when the situation goes back to normal. Focus has been on countywide activities and educational services. But we certainly look forward to being able to open with the exhibition Kiruna Forever for the public to view the exhibit on site,” Selma Green, County Art Museum Director at Konstmuseet i Norr, says.

Konstmuseet i Norr aims to implement Kiruna Forever at about the same time as the ArkDes exhibition in Stockholm, which is scheduled to open on 2 June. In Kiruna, the exhibition will be open for at least 19 weeks starting as soon as the authorities’ recommendations allow the art museum to open to visitors. The exhibitions are produced in collaboration between Konstmuseet i Norr and ArkDes.

Learn more about the exhibitions on our website and in our social media.

Contact Konstmuseet i Norr:
Selma Green, County Art Museum Director
+46 (0)73-025 67 08

For more information about Kiruna Forever:
Victoria Harnesk, Project Manager
+46 (0)70-223 56 10 
Konstmuseet i Norr's communication,

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