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Press release 21.08.25: Exhibition with Kalle Hamm to open at Konstmuseet i Norr


Konstmuseet i Norr opens exhibition with Kalle Hamm on 27 August 2021.

Artist Kalle Hamm’s exhibition Waiting for the Extinction gives a voice to species of the vulnerable Arctic environment, threatened by changing and disappearing habitats. Climate change is viewed from a contemporary art perspective, where the impact of flora on life and death has a central role.

“Plants from the south migrate and advance into northern habitats, creating encounters. The exhibition is a point of connection, and an arena for debate on questions of anthropogenic change”, explains Kalle Hamm.

In his art, Hamm explores the global migration of plants and humans, calling into question anthropo- and zoocentric worldviews, for instance by using sound materials recorded from plants. The exhibition includes two video works, photographs, a sculpture, and a newly produced, site-specific work.

Selma Green, Museum Director at Konstmuseet i Norr, Norrbotten’s County Art Museum, is looking forward to the exhibition, which is opening this week:

“For a long time, Konstmuseet i Norr has wanted to deal with the burning, topical thematic of climate change and its impact on the vulnerable, Arctic natural environment. We are therefore happy to show this project exhibition, which provides new perspectives on man’s relationship with the plant kingdom”, explains Selma Green.


Artist Kalle Hamm (born 1969 in Rauma, Finland), has a wide range of works on the contemporary art scene, also working with community activist art and experimental music. He uses a multitude of art media and techniques.


Kalle Hamm is available for interviews in Kiruna, Thursday, 26 August. Please call +46(0)73 025 67 08 to arrange an interview.


A press kit with high resolution pictures will be available on the Konstmuseet i Norr press website from 26 August onwards.


Selma Green
County Art Museum Director
+46 73 025 67 08

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